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Now I can't remember where I was exactly (think it was Outlook Park) but I was minding my own business admiring the sights of the city when I heard 'Go fuck yourself in the arse with a used tampon!'.

Its the most disgusting thing I've heard up to now, hope theirs worse out there somewhere.
This does not warrant a new topic.

This is from the first post in the forum that existed before you didn't learn to use the search feature.

QUOTE(Full Metal Monkey @ Apr 28 2008, 05:51 AM) [snapback]1424407[/snapback]
Cheesy Vaginas!
Filho Da Puta!
Suck my tities and f*ck off!
You know you will be jerking off to this later....
Man, you could smoke an ostriche.
I'll give ya a left, a right, and a kick to the head.
Great, i needed a reason to kill myself.
You know i can get my whole fist in there?
Next thing you know sex would be illegal!
Watch where your going, prick!
So I called that girl I met last night, she turned out to be a dude!
I love your fucking titties.
Go fuck a book.
I don't wanna be raped!
[Manc] Do that again and I'll fuckin' have ya! [/Manc]
I like to beat them when they're down.
[Russian] we say excuse me in this country motherfucker. [/Russian]
One squeeze and you'll be wearing your balls as ear-rings
Mummy, im so sorry i killed you mummy.
Oh my god, im fucked! Are you ok?
I can't believe he fucked my wife!
Malaka le monto banayair, le monto cristosou!
You took my wallet! And my DIAPERS!
I'll shit in your mouth!
Last night I shit the bed, so drunk I gave a dude head, I went to the bathroom on the floor, it dosent matter anymore.
Oh my god.
What the fuck.
What the fuck are you doing you fucking newb.
Go fuck a lemon.
Go fuck a corpse.
[Woman] Why don't you come over here and lick my [/Woman] [Man] BANANA BREAD [/Man]
I really like to beat civilians.
Everyone who wants to survive get down!
L. O. L.
How about we share a darkened cell together?
I'm on heroin. Wanna hand job?
Let me repeat your message: bla bla bla... blblblbll.
Quick... someone... mouth to mouth!
I never had a 3-way!
Go eat the peanuts outta my shit!
Sh*t, it's time for lightspeed!
Hello 911, I've been carjacked.
Who wants to eat my wiener?
Surrounded by parasites
you know that girl you slept with? what was his name again?
Bananas shit!
I've been to the other side! they have pizza's the size of cities!
Thats my 10th kill this month.
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