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I forgot to mention this ages ago. When I was playing the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4, something odd happened. I forgot the name of the third part of LC. In the south part, I was driving through a street and a massive blast went off and wrecked the right-hand side of my car and shoved me hard against a wall on the left. I also had a giant flash that lit-up a giant section of where I was. This wasn't a Multi-player game, it was a one-player session with Niko. All I can remember of the location exactly is, it wasn't far from a warehouse. I can't be sure if it was in Plumbbob Ave. I don't know if this was a glitch or what. All I know, it was as if a bomb went off in a building. Encase you're wondering, I wasn't in a mission, neither.
Sounds just like a random glitch to me. Maybe there was a car or something placed inside the building and it exploded.
You probably drove over or near a gas canister. There's loads of 'em around.
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