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I was in the diner next to the safehouse just messing around, then i felt like punching a guy that i made stand up by standing on the table. So he stands up and i hop off the table, i throw one punch and catch him in the head and boom he was dead. I did this with a kick once too, kicked a guy right in the face from ontop of a table and he died.
Point of all this? dont fuck with niko he makes mike tyson looks like a retarded little boy with a speech problem.
You might have punched them in the temple.

That can be fatal, bro.
Either that or...

"I try to catch him right on the tip of the nose, because I try to push the bone into the brain." -Mike Tyson

P.S - That's a nice arse in your ava.
Why thank you, its some cam ho that i met. She was like heres a free password so you can see me, it was a lie lmao stupid ho's
I love it when that happens. I've dropped many peeps with one hit. I see it a lot just cause I spend so much time beating the shit out of people cause I can't do it IRL. sad.gif
its ok, you still whoop thier asses at being a ugly mother fucker
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