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Well, 2 hours ago, I had problems with my PC (before that my drive worked). I needed to clean my PC and change my ventilators. I opened it and everything. I cleaned it, changed the ventilators etc. Then I closed it and turned on the PC. I put in one CD, and it didn't read it.

I heard the sounds the PC make when you insert the CD, but the icon in my computer didn't even showed. I tried some other CD's but same happened. :/
You might have bumped a cable while cleaning it. Open it back up and check the connections at the hard drive and make sure all cables are plugged into the drive.
probably the ribbon cable...
Checked all cables, and all are plugged in...

Power cable, ribbon cable...
Nvm, fixed...

I just took out all the cables, put them back in and it worked.

Thanks anyway.

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