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I just finished The Lost and Damned, the ending was a bit sad, but I did liked the game over all. Not perfect, but definitely well worht 19.99!

Thought it would be fun to create a poll to see how you guys liked it to.

I thought it was Damn Good!
I voted all of them because you didn't do the right kind of poll.

Why would you let people vote for more than one option? Lesson?

In reference to your question, I think Rockstar hit the mark with this DLC. I've really only played a few times since it was released (I got Fallout 3 in the mail the same day and it hasn't come out of my 360 since). From the 4-5 hours I've played TLAD; I love it. I'm not very far in the storyline (30% or so), but I have done a lot of cruising around and exploring.

It's nice to know it's sitting there waiting for me when I finish up with Fallout. I'm still excited about it.
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