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So I wanted to buy MJ tickets for his london tour and found this really nice picture on the website, I jacked it and made my wallpaper. MJ ftw:

Did you get tickets?
They're not on sale yet lol. But if they're too expensive then I probably won't go.
They are definitely going to be expensive.

I'd probably buy as many as possible and scalp 'em. This tour is going to be huge.
But I sort've want to remember him how he was. I don't know if he'll be able to live up to the hype with this tour.
lol, at first i thought the image was of indiana jones laugh.gif... it looks very similar and if i didn't know the topic was called michael jackson, i would of thought you made a new "indy" wallpaper because of your name laugh.gif...
it does like like a slightly homosexual indianna jones
Micheal Jackson is falling apart sad.gif
Did you make it or just put your name on it?
Didn't really do much, it was originally just one image, then I added an artistic filter. Duplicated it to get 3 images, added a background and text, then blended each image differently to get that sort of effect.
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