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Hey, I downloaded the TLAD today, when I loaded there was no sound in the video part with all the bikers going to get Bully, then it crashed when I entered the Angels hangout, its now crashed 3 times total...wondered if anyone else has had this problem? Also if there are any cures!!! Its driving me nuts!

I haven't had any problems with GTA 4 prior to TLAD!

Full Metal Monkey
Ive had this problem too. The way i sorted it out was by installing the game to my hard drive.

Id even deleted TLAD and tried the original game and it was still crashing. After i installed to the HDD it works 'perfectly'. The only problem now i find is that the games textures don't always load fast enough etc.

But it stops the crashing.
Sweet...cheers dude! I'll give it shot. I know what you mean about the road texture not loading fast enough! Weird you would have thought it would be faster on the HDD.
Full Metal Monkey
Yeah it seems to make it worse after installing to the Hard Drive but it better than the game crashing every five minutes. I think Rockstar must have not tested TLAD on all 360 versions and a few kinks are still left in it. Hopefully they'll sort it out soon.

Because i know your not alone a few people on another forum i go on have the exact same problem.
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