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Anyone know of any software where you can synthesise a track with a beat and various other dancey sounds from a library as well as slow down and mix in a premade track and cut bits out of it and the such like?

Also where you can build up different sounds on top of each other so they can be edited separately.
Sony ACID Pro for mixing tracks with layers and all that tempo stuff.
Fruity Loops makes beats I think.
Albino would be the one to ask about this..
QUOTE(Qdeathstar @ Mar 4 2009, 09:38 PM) [snapback]1488502[/snapback]
Albino would be the one to ask about this..

Doesn't Bino use Garage Band? I may be wrong.
Full Metal Monkey
Mixmeister Fusion - Its a beating matching program which alot of DJs use (including myself) it scans the music track for the average BPM and then use that information to mix in music precisely on the beat. But ive known producers using it to make live remixes whilst out DJing.

Abode Audition - Its a producing program which i mainly use for ripping up samples and processing them. You can also use it for snythesising.

Fruity Loops XXL - Another program similar to Adobe Audition which i own specifically for producing. One of the best programs out there. Only thing is it set me back around $400. There are otherways of procuring it but this isnt the forum for that info.

EDIT: Just reread your post. Fruity Loops XXL is the program for you. Has a stupendous amount of features. Just make sure to read the manual if your not 100% on using music production tools.
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