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Is there any news For Lost And Damned making it to the PS3? This sucks. Before I got the PS3 I always got people saying this n' that about how much better things are for the PS3 and when I get it there's more for the XBox 360. For fuck sake, I wonder if I should have stayed as an XBox 360 user and saved money.
If there was any little piece of news on that (which won't happen) it would be posted.
Really? An active member is asking this question? Really? lol

The 2 episodes that Microsoft paid 50 million for will never see itself on PS3, we may have not seen the contract, but its stating the obvious that with that much money involved it wont be going to PS3... However this does not mean the PS3 will never have some sort of DLC, although a bit useless by the time they could do it the next GTA will be on the way, so whats the point of doing it.
I don't like to lock otherwise reasonable threads like these, but I'm getting sick of the number of people who apparently don't know the meaning of the word exclusive.

Read it and weep.
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