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I was playing with my annihilator, and then somewhere near the border of East hook and hove beach, I ran into a building, and my tail broke off. I jumped out and me and the heli landed on the train tracks. I turned around so I can rocket launcher it, but then i noticed it was going about half the speed of a normal train, down the train tracks (I fell straight down so it wasn't from the direction i was heading when i fell).

I followed it, but when it went around the turn near brucies house, I heard a train behind me and avoided it. Then i kept following it till i saw a smushed up helicopter under the train tracks slowly moving, way slower than before (i'm guessing the train pushed it under).

Idk wtf happned but it was cool
Well to my knowledge the train is invincible and will just push anything in front of it out of the way, suppose the heli wouldn't get pushed to the side so it pushed it under. Suppose this means I need to ram a heli into a train sometime.
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