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If i already completed the walk free and one man army acheivement, then use the cop cheat, will my acheivements disappear and then get blocked, or will nothing happen?
If you have already gotten the achievement, it can't be removed because you cheat.

It's logged to your profile. There's probably a list of which cheats disable which achievements; but I don't have it. Using a cheat will only prevent you from getting an achievement, it won't take any away.
You can't lose achievements, so you can cheat after getting an achievement and not be punished.

If you cheat and an achievement is blocked and you save, you can simply reload the game to un-block the achievement.

All achievements can be achieved regardless of what cheats you use.
oh, thank you!

in the no. 1 mission for brucie, theres this super cool light blue super gt thats only obtainable by killing brucie, then pushing the blue car with a fire truck into your hove beach house. I always get like 1 block from it, BUT THEN THE STUPID POLICE COME AND I CAN'T PUSH IT THROUGH THEM.

now i can just use the police cheat to get rid of them =D
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