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I am currently working for 100% and I'm very close (mid 90s) but I noticed a new, what I would consider, Easter egg and I just had to share and since I used this site for getting 100% (on both GTA IV and now almost the DLC) i figured this would be the place!

While doing stubbs jobs you will have to wire a car for him, if you remember from GTA IV Florian, gives you his "boy friend" bryces ride, an orange infernus (with bryce on the side skirt) in the mission its the car you get wired! (wonder why it wound up in nikos hands lol).

but with that I was wondering if anyone else noticed any other new Easter eggs that they added because I would like to check them out when i finish 100% on L&D in a little while, enjoy!

EDIT - finished it! found out that malc 2 is like right beside his first spot :X can't seem to get the 100% tags to work for some reason, ah well.
i'm working on 100% but havent gotten to his missions yet. but thats cool. cant wait to do that mission!
its in the phone under jobs I didn't touch them till after i finished the story, but all i got is the races and to find malc 2 where ever the hell he is.. have fun though.
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