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Well so far i`ve stumbled across a few different bugati 800 customs, they seem to spawn about when i`m on a zombie riding in northwood and was just seeing which ones you guys have seen and just how many are out there.

sprunk- all green with logo
redwood-white and red with logo
stereotype italian bike-mainly red and green with white
unknown brand-white and red with circular logo

I`ve also seen an angel with a flame paint job from killing AoD bikers in a gang war, plus i think there is another custom"hairdryer" bike out there, the one malc rode looked like a double t but with a snakeprint paintjob anyone able to confrim weather this is out there to be stolen and taken for a ride
Malcs bike is a Double T Custom. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Love cruisin it when you can find it.
The Double T custom is pretty common in Northwood, plus there's a cheat for it. There's also a bike called the Hakuchuo, which is what Malc's friend DeSean rides, it's pretty badass. It spawns in Northwood, too, and there's also a cheat for it. I'd like to get the Bati 800 with the Sprunk paintjob.
I've got the 4 Custom Batis that were mentioned in the first post... as well as 3 different colored custom double Ts (which are Malcs bike with the snake skin, only different colors...

I also have another Bati custom where the paint resembles something that looks like its out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It looks like stiched together skin... Im not so sure what it really is though...

But that Hakouchoun (or what ever it is), that bike is whats up... it is so fast and handles so well... I love it.... I just wish there was a model without mirrors... like there is with the NRG's...
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