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Click the image above for a large map of the seagulls.
Click on any of the seagull location blips for a screenshot.
Please Note: Javascript must be enabled by your browser to use the image popups in the map above.

Good job to all those who helped find them.
thanks man
ezekiel 08
Sweet map! Can't believe you guys got it up so quick.

I'm finally doing the Pigeons for Niko's story, I'm so lazy!

I really hate the 'film grain' from TLaD, it makes the game look very ugly. You can see from the screen shots, terrible!
to ezekiel, fyi you can turn off that visul noise in the display options.
ezekiel 08
Really? Darn, I must have skimmed over that option! Thanks for the heads up, I'm gonna play some more of TLaD with it off now!
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