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i got a question for you xbox'rs... what are the additional side missions included with the DLC? anything? me and my friend here at work were wondering what they added to keep the game lasting longer, other than the main story, new races, and shooting seagulls...
No R3 missions
Things you can do after the story are gang wars and bike races
I really like gang wars but I play bike races just to hit people off with the bat

Two mini games
Arm wrestling and air hockey
Pretty much like the other mini games (bowling, darts, etc) play them once or twice and then you never want to play them again

I think thats it
that's not really... much... ...i was thinking there was more most wanted missions, assassination missions, taxi'ing, etc...

gang wars sounds like a nice touch but, doesn't sound everlasting (isn't there only two biker gangs?!)... well, that's kinda disappointing...
You fight a bunch of different gangs and it gets progressively harder (at least it seems that way)

I dont think you can even access the police computer as Johnny

There is a bike boosting side mission you can do too but it doesnt last long
Why do you want more of the same thing anyway? Why don't you want something new?
i do want to see new shit... i was just wondering what the new shit was... and if any of the older ones were revised a little, or included additional stuff like the most wanted list, which was one of the funner side missions...

but, it looks like not too much was added... i'm guessing the new storyline was the biggest change then...
Full Metal Monkey
QUOTE(ThePaleOgre @ Feb 20 2009, 05:20 PM) [snapback]1485613[/snapback]
I dont think you can even access the police computer as Johnny

You can but you when you select most wanted or any of the other features except for the Search function it says something along the lines of the server being down.
Also, dunno if it counts in your opinion, but there's a new multiplayer game - 'Club Business' - which is basically Mafiya Work, but everyone is on the same team and complete objectives co-operatively, not against other people/teams. I've just been playing it for the last couple of hours and it's awesome fun - eight bikers working together, earning bonuses if you ride in formation. You can earn quite a bit of money for your character if you do it as a ranked game too.
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