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Stubbs tells you that he owes you a favour, and that Billy has been trying to pin the whole drug dealing thing on you. Stubbs is suggesting that you go to the prison and take out Billy.

We're Going To Prison
Make your way to the South East of Alderney where you'll find the prison. Once you arrive, you'll see a cutscene of some of the guys inside, then Johnny will call Terry and tell him to get some guys, get some guns and meet him at the prison. Once he arrives, you can speak to him and get all of the weapons you could possibly want from the back of his truck, for free!

Prison Break-In
Once you're fully stocked up, you'll be told to blow up the prison doors, so make your way over to them. Whip out your rocket launcher and blast the doors open, then you'll need to switch an an M4 Carbine or something and take out about fifteen cops. Try not to gun your own guys down as they seem to want to run straight in front of your bullets.

Once you've cleared the area of cops, follow your guys around to the left. About five more cops will appear, but they can be easily gunned down. There's some health on the wall next to them if you need it. Around the next corner are about another five cops. Watch out for the sniper on the roof. Kill all of these guys then proceed forwards.

You'll have to kill a bunch more cops in the next area or two, but you should be getting the hang of it now. Once these areas are cleared, you'll be told you move into the prison yard.

NOOSE Choppers
A cutscene will start where two NOOSE helicopters land in the yard and drop off a tons of new cops. Once that's over, you'll be behind cover, and you need to kill all of them. There are cops all over. Probably 20 in total. There's about 4 or 5 on the top walkway and tower, and about five to ten on each side. If you've got an M4 you should be able to take most of them out with well aimed headshots.

Once they're mostly all dead, head over to the base of the tower and grab the body armour, then Johnny tells everyone to get the bikes while he executes Billy. Switch to a pistol, walk over to Billy and lock onto him. If you're close enough and you get the red rings for execution, pull the trigger.

Once Billy's dead, make your way over to Terry and Clay again. Get on your bike and follow them out of the prison. Use your sawed off shotgun to blast away any prisoners or cops that you see on the way out. Once you're fully outside, you need to lose the cops, so speed away from the prison and check your radar to make sure you're avoiding them. The best place to lose them is probably at the docks just opposite the Pay N' Spray.

Once you've lost them, get back to the club house.

It's Over
You'll see a cutscene where the club house is trashed. The rest of the guys get together and say there goodbyes before pouring gasoline everywhere and torching what's left of it.

Now just watch what I personally think is one of the greatest credit sequences on any game ever!

Congrats, you completed The Lost And Damned.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips
  • Grab maximum ammo for every weapon from Terry's truck.
  • Use auto aim inside the prison, mainly with an M4 or AK-47 to take out the cops, and always try to go for headshots.
  • Grab the health pack off the wall near the start of the mission if you need it.
  • There is body armour at the foot of the tower near where the helicopters land.
It might be just me but I lost my wanted level the minute I left the prison...
QUOTE(Zen @ Feb 20 2009, 11:56 AM) [snapback]1485534[/snapback]
It might be just me but I lost my wanted level the minute I left the prison...

Possibly. There wasn't many police cars around, was easy to lose them, but I was still in the radius for a few blocks.
Was the same for me too, as soon as I drove out the prison door my wanted level was gone, leaving a leisurely drive to the club house.
Same thing happened to me, once I left I lost the police.
Might have been cos I was killing cops and prisoners on my way out tongue.gif
QUOTE(Psy @ Feb 19 2009, 05:42 PM) [snapback]1485374[/snapback]
Now just watch what I personally think is one of the greatest credit sequences on any game ever!
Congrats, you completed The Lost And Damned.

Was quite beautiful, GTA:IV storyline and TLAD storyline scenes inclusive.

We will see your name in the credits someday Simon. I've always thought this.
Apply your web design and gaming skills, technical creativity, and Rockstar connections.
You can make it happen, we will see your name in the credits someday.


6 shooter
As much as I enjoyed watching the final credits. I gotta say I was heavily disappointed with the last mission of TLAD; I expected something at least half as enjoyable as Out Of Commission and all I was offered was just another dull shootout. When I saw the NOOSE copters I thought "This is it! This is when the fun finally starts!" - I thought I'd get to either blow'em up or chase Billy who'd use the opportunity to escape in one of them.

Final missions ought to provide more fun. This was linear and predictable piece of...boredom. And spoiled the fun I had with TLAD, leaving a bad taste after a few hours of hog-riding.
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