I've heard that if you use cheats, then when you reach 100%, you will be told something like "Congratulations, you have completed Vice City 100% -but you cheated!" Is this true, and is this only with some more 'serious' cheats, like spawning cars, or with any cheat? I do not use cheats and then save, but I do use them if I am just messing around, I just don't save after using them. But you always wonder if one time you might have accidentally saved after cheating. Also, since my laptop is pretty slow, the game is almost unplayable when it starts to rain, everything slows down to a snail's pace, so I might have used the 'Sunny Weather' on such an occasion, if I was unable to just wait for the rain to pass before continuing. So I'm worried I might have saved after using the 'Sunny Weather' cheat, possibly messing up the coveted 100% message at the end?