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Banana Boy
The oddest thing happened to me yesterday, I went off and did 5 stars of fighting cops, stole the FIB buffalo i wanted then escaped it, after that i went all the way into algonquin, i decided to take block off some traffic and start a massive explosion with a grenade, and in while doing this i pulled up infront of an intersection with my FIB buffalo, but when pulling up i tapped this taxi a bit, the driver got mad and got out, pulled me out of my car and kicked me once, well a police officer saw him kick me and ran up to him and arrested him, i got back into my car and i quickly pulled the pin on my grenade but then watched the cop lead the taxi driver to a police car. well that just happened to be me since i was the only cop car on the block so the taxi driver got into my car and the cop got into my car next to me. and i had a WTF moment. BUT then i heard the beeber on my grenade then quickly tossed it and drove off. when i got the wanted level of 2 stars the cop quickly notices it and jumps out of my FIB buffalo, and the taxi driver was still in the back seat and so i look a left turn and he fell out and then died (i saw the money come out of him.)

I see peds getting arrested all the time, I wouldn't expect a cop to just put them in any cop car. I'll have to try this. Good find.
cops used to steal my cop car out front of the bohan safehouse because, they considered the vehicle as the one that shows up when they arrest someone... if there is already a cop car on the screen, they use that instead...
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