This would be nice. What do you think? It would be nice if Rockstar would release an Add-on where we can create our own streets and connect them to LC and small islands as part of LC where we can send our creations to friends and they download and install them under a menu where we can all share each other's creations through Multi-player to play in. I mentioned a menu so that we can choose who's creations when we want, own own when we want and if we want the main LC on its own if we want. That would be more fun. It's like creating a city from a Tycoon game for more fun for us to move around in and play Multi-player games in LC. Of course it won't work with Hangman's N.O.O.S.E., Turf War, Cop's & Deal Breaker and Bomb Da Base II because they are always based in the same location. Anyway, so much for Bomb Da Base II as I mentioned in another thread over a different topic because that game is fucked-up.