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February 9, 2009 - Capcom today revealed that Dead Rising 2 is in development not for the Xbox 360 and also the PS3 and PC platforms... ...The sequel will take place several years after the zombie invasion of Willamette. The original virus escaped containment and has now spread throughout the entire country. Players will now have to combat tens of thousands of zombies and explore the new "gambling paradise" of Fortune City. The designers also promise that there will be lots of new objects you can use to kill the zombies.

The first one suffered from a multitude of issues; but I hope they get it right this time around. I hope there's no set time limit, instead a free roaming environment. I also hope they resolve the icons and text that were absolutely unreadable on a Standard TV.

I'm excited. Nothing better than a good zombie game.
I never played the original because of the issues you've listed here. I want free roaming in a whole city, also, not just a mall. Hopefully it gets the intensity of a more serious zombie game.
Pssh, I just hope they dont go the route of RE5 and L4D.

I played RE5 last night(demo) and I was like WTF...
When did flesh eating zombies become regular people with red eyes and a pale face?

I mean, I havent played a RE game since Nemesis. So this was kinda a shock to me.

Left 4 Dead was pretty much a fucking arcade game with no story at all. Waste of $54(PC)

I liked Dead Rising though. Apart from the fact that I couldnt get any-fucking-thing accomplished because of the roughly 400,000 zombies in the mall. Maybe the second one wont take place over black friday weekend.
Anywho, I'm willing to give it a shot.
Ex-PS Fanboy

A good game. I didn't think it was anything special.
I only got to play the first one for about 4 hours before my 360 died. Real fun game, but I don't know... Left for dead seemed like much more fun. Then again dead rising has some corkey fun. Anyway, if they put a bit more mature emphasis into it and fix the issues of the first, I think it could be awesome. I myself hated the slow ass controls.

Also stoic I hate you stupid all caps title. =)
I've been looking for a good next-gen zombie game. Hopefully this is a good one.
Glad to see it coming to the PS3.
Ex-PS Fanboy
Also stoic I hate you stupid all caps title. =)

Do you mean me.

also I din't play the game much.
But I loved kicking th soccerball into the elevator full of zombies and watching it rebound off all of them and kill them all.
After watching the trailer I'm thinking it's not an entire city named Fortune City, but only a Casino named Fortune City. If you'll notice all the screens show you only indoors, none outside on the streets.

Either way it'll be fun to play long as the AI is smarter.....those damn people in that mall didn't want to be saved if you go by how they act. sleep.gif
Edited, because I'm stupid.
You just watched a trailer for the first Dead Rising, that's video number 2 of the ones that guy uploaded. wink.gif
Handsome B Wonderful
Like Stoic said, if they can fix the issues from the first game, it should be awesome.

Things that pissed me off

- One save file, ffs
- Shitty aim for guns
- Unreadable text on a normal tv (haven't played DR in HD yet)
- Frank moves like a retard with a 2 kinds of vegetable up his arse
- Constant phone calls from that black geezer dude.
- Pointless camera. I know it fit with the "story", but still

And other stuff that i can't remember.
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