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This may be an issue with my game only(I have PS2 First game released), but for some reason whenever an ambulance comes to help someone I have killied, on the back only one door shows the writing. It says Emerg...blank. The left door has writing but the right one is blank. When I go to a hospital, the ambulances there have all the writing on them. What is wrong? wink.gif
I know what your on about, I have the same sort of thing in my copy, apart from the fact it only says 'lance'...
Oh no, mabye Lance Vance has taken over the hospitals!(Lol)
Same thing for me,I only see the "lance' on the back door,but sometimes i see ambulances with the full writing,weird.....
Yea it's the same thing I see, but if I go to a hospital the ambulances there have full writing.
Death To The Prom King Of The Century
when that happened to me I thought it was because u hit into the back of it or a strange glitch with in the game.
Maybe it's a sign that Lance Vance is alive and well In San Andreas. His name being written on a rescue vehicle, the medics revive people when you kill them, so maybe they revived Lance?
On mine the left door is blank.
The Porscheofile
i ahve only ever encountered this with LS ambuLANCES.....they are normal in every other region that i have seen.
On the PC I get BULANCE.
QUOTE(Tyla @ Feb 23 2007, 03:40 PM) [snapback]1304803[/snapback]
I know what your on about, I have the same sort of thing in my copy, apart from the fact it only says 'lance'...

Yep same with me!
Why we are in here, on this topic. I like to play Lawyer in GTA (Get in a car and follow an ambulance) and I have seen wierd things. Have any of you seen that the back doors of Ambulances spawned in Red county, have doors that shake furiously when followed foir awhile?
That has happened more than once to me in the second edition of the PC version.
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