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Hello, I've been playing GTA4 for a while now, and all of a sudden whenever I call Kate for a date, she tells me to come get her but there is no icon on the map, so I can't find her. Is this a glitch or what?
Possibly, there are two places you can pick her up from; the McReary house on Savannah Avenue, or her workplace (the cinema I think) on Saratoga Avenue.
6 shooter
Yeah, usually Kate tells Niko to pick her up from work. If you have problems finding her work (although there should be a yellow blip on your map), go to this site and in the legend on the right uncheck 'Start' (it's under Missions) and check 'Person-Contact' (it's under NPCs). It's in the north Broker, close to Meadows Park.
Did you finish the storyline? If so, she's either dead or doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

If you're not done with the storyline, enjoy her while you can...
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