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Does anyone else with the PS3 keep getting logged out and they have to reboot the PS3 to get back on? This is happening to me a lot now. I was in Deathmatch and I got logged out and when I rebooted and loaded the game back up, I was only on-line for about ten seconds and I was logged out again.

This isn't my router because my PC is always connected.
My PS3 has being working fine since I don't know when. Your cable might be loose or something like that... Just unplug and plug it again.
new major on the block
I've had it happen too. I'm connected wirelessly, and every so often it would allow me on and i would start playing and then i would get booted off. And also every so often my character would randomly jump out of a moving vehicle or helicopter. Its annoying when it happens but atleast its not all the time.
My leads are in properly. Today was so annoying. I was getting logged out and booted out of Multi-player games as soon as they started and when I finally got back on OK others over the PS3 voice said they got the same now and then. I stopped when I kept choosing different games. All I can say is the server must have been overloaded in some games. I didn't suspect the cause until I chose other games. Team Deathmatch was a nightmare to join in.

When you've fallen out of vehicles, I've had that happen a couple of times.

I've also had weapons change themselves when I'm using them. One moment I'm about to fire any gun and a second lady I'm waving a knife beyond my control. I got killed a few times today becuase of that. A few times I had a clear easy shot and when I fired, only one bullet came out and then I was waving a knife and I was killed. The same happened when I was firing the rocket launcher today. Every shot, I had to keep on changing the knife back to the rocket launcher. I never choose the knife when this happens. One time a weapon changed to a fist.
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