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Yesterday, I got a USB mobile broadband card at my local Verizon store, because it was the only possible way I could get broadband. The two guys working there assured me that I could get Xbox Live through it, which I knew I should be able to, and one of them said I wouldn't even need a router, all I needed to do was use the ethernet cable to connect my 360 to my PC. Several hours later, I still can't figure out why this won't work. I've already contacted the Xbox helpline and the operator said, with what little English he knew, that the problem was not with my Xbox, but my PC, which I already knew. I'm really hoping to avoid spending any more money, please help me.
Check your internet connections via the PC, you may need to adjust your connection settings. Or just go get a 5 port switch for $30 and run a cable into that.
QD, words cannot express my appreciation, thank you. notworthy.gif

Just set everything up, all is well, you have my eternal gratitude.
I'll just take the Blow job..
I've got Live and my gamertag set up. I didn't know it was a seperate profile. I don't have any of my achievements and I can't access my other files on my other profile. Is there something I can do about this, or do I really need to redo everything I've done in the last two years?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've never used Live before.
Naa man, you can convert your original profile into an xbox live profile. Just gotta find the upgrade to xbox live setting on the profile.
Are you sure? The only option I found was "join Xbox Live," not upgrade, and when I use that option, it just signs me out to register a new account. Am I missing something?
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