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Do you think it is possible for Rockstar to include tanks in the DLC? I mean, let's face it... out of all the GTA's, GTAIV is the easiest to lose 6 stars... it was a difficult task to do so in previous games... and not to mention, the tank is an iconic vehicle to GTA... everyone misses the tanks.

...and Chinatown Wars for DS is gonna have them... why wouldn't GTAIV?
I do miss tanks but I can't see them being in the DLC. Also, in GTA4, escaping the law is just about making a speedy getaway, which would be easier against slow tanks than against those speedy FIB fellas.

Although They could add things like patriots and jets to the army's range of vehicles and that would solve the problem somewhat. But that's an idea for future GTA's, as I don't see any of this, let alone tanks returning via DLC.
I'd be somewhat sure they wont add a tank or jet to the mix for DLC. If you ask me dealing with GTA IV's 6 stars is by far harder then the other GTA games. Tanks are easier to deal with. So basically agreed with reform.

PS: Tank is my most missed aspect in GTA IV.
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