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hey, I am going through all the GTA's again from GTA 3 upwards, so i bought GTA 3 for the P.C but it is lagging pretty bad when there is just 2 stars on me, i dont get why this is, i have a NVidia geforce 8600 GT grx card 2gb of ram and athlon 64 x2 duel core procesor 3800+ 2.00GHz and plenty of space on the HDD, what could the problem be, something todo with running it on vista mabe? i have the compatability on windows service pack 2 tho...

Edit, i've tryed updating my grx card drivers, they did need updated, i got 3 programes to clean my p,.c and make it run faster, and it hasnt worked, the lagging is sligtly less i think, but its still laggy when i get over 2 stars on me, or just some moderate activity going on, i've also tryed putting the draw distance all the way down (the draw distance doesnt seem to make a differance when all the way up or down anyway) that doesnt do anything, i also tryed lowering the screen resolution, and it hasnt worked, but non of this is working, and i shouldnt even have todo this, it should run smoothly with everything on the highest settings, does anyone know of anything else i could do?
Will i have this trouble with Vice City on the P.C? if i do am not gunna bother buying it.

Would an extra 1gb of ram make any differance?
Is there not a patch for the game that you might want to install? I think there is one, but it's years since I played GTA3.
I've got the patch aswell, nothing at all is working, mabe its just GTA 3 itself thats the problem, or mabe it has something todo the vista service pack 1.....

Is it possible that it could be the p.c is getting t hot, if i got another fan would that help? where would i put the 2nd fan if i did?
The game's pretty old, and sometimes, believe it or not, your pc can actually be too powerful for the game, although I think GTA3 should be fine. Do you have stuff like v-sync turned off in the menu? Not really sure what it could be though. All I could suggest is to update all your drivers for sound card, direct x, graphics card, etc. If that doesn't work then I have no idea.
v-sinc? u mean frame sync? ill try turning it off if it is frame sinc that your talking about, if this doesnt work i think the only thing todo is try adding another fan, or just making sure the p.c is cool.
Put frame limiter on.
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