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Again, I'm new to GTA

I've just finished all Los Santos mission, now I'm in the middle of somewhere. Can I get back to my safe house to save game at Los Santos or doing stuff back in Los Santos, like, pick up my girlfriend, buy a cloth, get to a gym something like that.

Thanks for the answers
Yeah, you can go back. Its dangerous, but very possible.
Why it's dangerous?
Rival gangs and such are roaming your old stomping grounds.
Just do a couple of missions and SF will open up for you...
It isn't really anymore dangerous than it was.

You lost control of everything in the old neighbourhood, but you still own (or can buy) your safe houses.

Get your free-be weapons and body armour from your old stamping grounds.

Then continue with the missions.

Maybe do some exploring in the New territory.

You won't be able to buy any new property (in SF) until you enter SF properly by completeing the Truth missions.

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