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I'm uploading videos from my camera to my computer. When uploaded they automatically default to .MOV files. I'm trying to import these videos into Windows Movie Maker but am unable to due to their default file extension.

Is there a way to change the default from .MOV to .WMA? If I need a converter, can someone recommend a decent one?
Ex-PS Fanboy
I made this exact same topic.

I used a trial version of some converter i found on the net. But it kept saying the name of the converter across the screen.

I'm pretty sure you'll have to buy one, unless someone on here found a better one.
Well, I don't think you can find a video converter legaly for free... Try torrents... Do you have Mac? Because I think apple has something called iMovie, samething as the Windows Movie Maker, but for macs... I think it comes as default in the new macs...

I did a quick search on google, and I found this one, Any Video Converter Free, I don't know anything about it... I'd give you the link, but the website is in portuguese, so I think it's useless for you... wink.gif
Mad Space Ghost

Try that, my friend has used it and from what i remember it has a ton of options to convert one format to another, and best of all its free. So give it a try.
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