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empire total war is a PC exclusive with a mixed of turn-based and real-time strategy. im not a big PC gamer but seen as most RTS on PS3 are horrible (end war and civilisaton). empire takes place during the 18th century, during the early development of guns. this game seems very involved as not only do you have to control war but you also control politics and economy. the game also involves massive land battles that will involve a cover system and massive sea-battles that use a vairety of strategy including boarding enemy ships. the attention to detail seems very good, apparently the soldiers guns are affected by weather and often resort to melee attacks, the naval battles also have the player rely on wind.

this game looks very good. it is set to be released this March, its a definate must buy for the hardcore RTS fans. i loved Age of Empires but this seems alot more involved than AoE.

check out the total war website
I've have pretty much every total war game. Rome being my favourite, spartans ftw.
I'll definetly check this out, thanks for the heads up. If it's anything like its predecessors then it will be very different to AoE.
While AoE has you manage resources and battle in real time, TW focuses on real time war stragies and seperates resource management with a turn based system. Very different types of RTS, but both as enjoyable.

I think this is where Company of Heroes did so well. It managed to sustain a good real time resource management with advanced battle tactics not seen in the Age of Empires or Command and Conquer series. Still, cant wait for this.
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