I need help with mods that I have installed. The first three are cars that I have modded in the game with SAMI. They installed fine, no error messages, and the game loads perfectly. But when I go to swipe them, I press the Enter button to enter the car, and the game freezes and crashes to the desktop.
EDIT: The lamborghini mod works fine now.
The fourth one is a clothing mod. I installed them in the player.img folder manually, and deleted and replaced the right files, and rebuilt the archive. But when I go to buy the clothes, after I've selected them on the menu, the game freezes with a snapshot of the door, the clock freezes, and CJ doesn't come out of the closet. When I go "Ctrl" "Alt" "Delete" and go to Task Manager, the game is "unresponding."
I have version 2.0, and I got the patch to fix the game. But now, I don't know what to do. Please help.