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Had to design a poster for a fictional video game called "Deluded" for uni, so I decided to make it into a war game. Let's hear some feedback please. Bear in mind that I have been absolutely crap with graphics since forever, and this is quite probably the greatest thing I've ever made in my life smile.gif. I'm somewhat ashamed to say that it probably took me 20 hours work to finish it.

The silhouettes were made by going around various soldier images using the polygonal lasso tool. Everything else was done in photoshop using filters and what not.

Looks very nice indeed. Don't like the graphic of the solider speaking, stands out too much, perhaps a cutout filter. Jus gotta make it blend better perhaps. And I don't like the speech bubble, the entire middle part looks cheesy and downgrades the quality of the image. But if it's part of your criteria to have an actual graphic an shit, then jus leave it there.

If it were me, i'd delete the quote and the guy. Then i'd throw an SAS badge in the middle and add "SAS edition". If you need the text, then you could always have it as a extract from a review.
/\ Agreed.

The silhouettes look sick.
Yeah, I hate the actual content under the logo, but I had to include a digital photo, and I needed to emphasize the fact it was a game and not a movie. If I was free to do whatever I wanted, I've have left out everything under the logo and teaser text.
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