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I am stuck on how to get all the extra clothing in the game. I'm on the last island and for some reason the funeral mission has not activated and I saw that's how you get the biker coat. I also read that you can get another cool looking leather jacket, plain black (not the GTA III jacket but one that looks like "The Terminator").

Where the hell is this stuff? I've been all over the net and can't find anything not even a walkthrough that is of any help. So please post the whereabouts and exact locations and how precisely to obtain these items if it's not too much to ask.

I don't know where you heard about these other jackets, but they don't exist. The only extra clothing is the Albanian biker jacket from "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle," the LSD outfit from "Taking in the trash," the doctor outfit from "Flatline," the GTA III outfit you get if you kill Playboy X in "The Holland play," and the Statue of Happiness shirt on Happiness island.
Is that the leather jacket with the white sleeves and the bird on the back of it?
The Albanian jacket? Yes.
That's cool. I guess the person that posted that about the terminator jacket was just meaning to refer to the title of the mission where you acquire it.

I just completed the mission "give me your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle" and now I have it. Thanks for the help. It's an awesome looking coat. Wish I had one for real.

Also, has there been any secret clothing found besides the statue of happiness shirt? I've read somewhere about being able to get a bra somehow? Is this true?
Hahaha, what the hell? No, man. No bras.

No shorts, no gloves, no pair of white sunglasses...
So I guess the Tommy Vercetti outfit is a lie too? That sucks, but the biker coat is still cool though.
Yep, hardcore, MechaGodzilla lie. But yeah, I love that biker jacket. It looks great with black pants and shoes and the ski mask from "Three Leaf Clover." Oh, I forgot to put the ski mask on my above list.
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