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Hey guys. I'm kinda new here. be kind smile.gif!.

just want you guys to take a look at this video

NOTE: this is just scenes from the machinima i'm working on, that is pretty much un-edited aswell. The final version will be much better.

We will have talking scenes.

Stanbony will be the guy giving the hitman his missions.

Slasherthrasher will probably be the guy for the hitman voice. He's good with different dialects and so on.

what do you think about it?.

If you're intrested in the story line,Read this, and sorry for my bad english im from europe.


The ''Hitman'' Arrives from a train on a small island. Meeting his boss there (the ''maffia''). The maffia talks about his mission which is:

Go to a stripclub (with his car) with mostly only criminals inside, take out the stripclub manager, steal some important data from his computer (have'nt made up something yet there,''the important data''), and then kill all the criminals inside the strip club (all of them does'nt have weapons and just looks scared as hell, so if you come up with something better, let me know. Maybe kill them because their witness? don't know yet.).
While he's shooting all these now so called ''criminals'', the police arrives in the middle of the shooting. The Hitman takes cover, shoot's one some of the police, then Escaping from the Strip Club with his car. The police comes after him so he's shooting at them from the car. He makes an awesome U-turn and shooting at them, getting a Headshot on the cop that's hunting him and the cop driver falls out of the car.
When the hitman is going to do a U-turn back he's crashing into a car by accident. The Car does'nt work propertly so he have to escape on foot. Only way to go was to the water. And so he does.

He's swimming to the otherside of the ''island''(will not be shown in the video), and there he's been hiding under a bridge until the night comes.
Once the Night comes he's getting the hell out of there. Taking a parked Harley Davidson (motorbike) and drives back to the train station where his ''boss'' waiting for him so he can recieve the data the hitman stole. Once recieved, he's taking the train back home again.

Once again, sorry for the extremely bad english, but i'm from sweden.

PS: all this is already filmed. Just a bit left to edit then render. Then he'll edit the video in Sony video vegas 8.0b and add the voices etc.

So what do you think about it so far? smile.gif


Looks pretty good, but just so I can be an over critical nerd Agent 47 would never bring that much attention to himself. tongue.gif
QUOTE(TwoFacedTanner @ Dec 28 2008, 06:38 PM) [snapback]1476942[/snapback]
Looks pretty good, but just so I can be an over critical nerd Agent 47 would never bring that much attention to himself. tongue.gif

yeah but this video will be somewhat of different because it's not based on the game or the movie lol.
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