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Hi all,
I need a PROPER answer to this, and which would run it better.

1. PC. 3.33GHZ Intel Celeron D 356 OC @ 4GHZ, 1GB RAM, Vista (could install XP on seperate partition specially), 512MB VRAM ATI Radeon X1550.

2. Laptop. 1.73GHZ Intel Pentium Dual Core, 2GB RAM, Vista, 300-odd MB Intel GMA X3100.

Which would run it BETTER?

And don't complain at the PC's specs. Its budget. I regret buying the processor, but it plays COD4 really smoothly on high settings, so I'd like to see if it would play. I've seen GTA4 running on single core Pentium 4's.


NOTE: This is because i'm wondering whether to buy on Steam, because steam has a special money off because its boxing day.
Both your systems are below minimum req's, but the PC is less below hence it will most likely run GTA4 better, if at all.
OK I bought it.
Installed on pc, lowest settings. Very low FPS. I'm looking to do the following upgrades:

Prices from

Intel E5200 Pentium Dual Core S775 2MB 2.5GHz 800FSB
Quickcode: 57Y4WS
Cost: 64.84

Kingston ValueRAM 2GB 533MHz DDR2 Non-ECC
Quickcode: 4NT2WS
Cost: 13.45

Dabs Value GeForce 8600GT 512MB DDR2 PCIE DVI HDTV 540/1000
Quickcode: 4L5KWS
Cost: 40.30

Total: 118.59

Note: Max RAM my mobo can take is 2GB :/ and I'm not upgrading that again.
Would that be better?
If you want great performance for GTA IV then I suggest getting a quad core if you can, you won't regret it. On the other hand though, other games will suffer from this due to almost every other game made at this point besides IV is not optimized for 4 cores, so you will get less performance as far as processing goes.

I found this out when I played Oblivion for the first time on my Phenom quad and the performance was below average, less than my X2 6400 3.2 ghz but that's because the Phenom is only 2.6 ghz and the memory is divided up into more cores also, but your rig will be future proof for a little while (because pc gaming requires upgrades every 6 months) so when all the newer games being released requires quad core you will have it.

Sometimes I regret getting the quad core because a lot of my older games don't play as good, but i know in the future it will pay off, and plus when quad core support is fully implemented in newer games the prices of quads will go up. So it's better to get one now while they're still cheap.
Unfortunatly, Quad Core cpu will be too expensive for me sad.gif Cheapest one is about 149
The total upgrade for the pc must be around 100.
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