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Most of the time in sinlge player mode you can't do the swingset glitch because you fly out of the windshield.
In multiplayer it doesnt happen you can do it anytime.
Most people i've seen or heard say you cant do it in single player.
Well i found that you can.
Call up one of your friends, brucie or roman or who ever. You can do the glitch with no problem if you have a friend in the car. You wont fly out of the windshield.

Hope you have fun with this.
I wanted to post this for people that dont have broadband internet and live in bumfuck no where like i do and cant play multiplayer. Have fun!
i just park up backwards and it works fine.
it's funner to do it in MP anyway with random people or your friends!
QUOTE(RomanBellic @ Dec 25 2008, 09:13 PM) [snapback]1476581[/snapback]
it's funner to do it in MP anyway with random people or your friends!

Yeah, it's much more fun, you can dive out of the car in mid-air and get flattened when you hit the pavement without any consequences. Plus if you die, you respawn close to the spot. It's a much more sociable activity. o.O
1. I like the glitch in SP mode because when your car's engine won't start you can do that "Phone a friend" trick and the engine will restart so you can smash the shiiiiit out of your car usually 2-3 times.

2. As listed above, in free mode you spawn nearby and other players can try the glitch too. NPCs don't like to be extreme.
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