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Hi, this is my first post in this forum as I have no clue how to solve this glitch. This is the first Manny mission but then after tailing the "dealer" and until Manny says he's pulling over etc. There's no cutscene or anything. The "dealer" is still there inside his car except its parked and he's not going out of the car. I can even drive past him or kill him but then, it ends the mission as fail.

Have anyone encountered this glitch and can give me some advices on how to fix it? Thx
And you pull up your car right behind the dealer's car, but no cutscene?

I havn't heard of this particular problem before. What system are you playing on?
Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
Nvidia 9600GT
Windows XP Sp3

I'm trying if replaying from the start of the game would solve the problem. Do a clean reinstall and just restart form the beginning. Maybe I've made a mistake somewhere that somehow wouldn't trigger the cutscene...I don't know any other way else, or if savegames would help...?
I wouldn't think that you had made a mistake to cause the problem. I'd put it down to the countless bugs with the PC version. Starting again will probably solve it but it could always happen again further through the game so keep various back up saves as you go along. If it does happen again you may want to report it to R*.
Banana Boy
you cant just pick a spot to pull up behind him

there is a lil yellow arrow where you must park, no where else, its quite faint though, just drive up on his side and go back and forth on that side of the street until you get to the cut scene

manny takes your car, dont use your own

yea, I've looked around in youtube about the mission. In the clip it just shows me and Manny went up behind him and a cutscene appears, maybe there's a yellow spot I should park but I can't seem to find any...though reporting it to R* wouldn't do any good as it will take long enough until they release another patch and I can play the game or so...either way, I have to find a way to get past this mission...
ok, after replaying the whole thing up until that part. It appears I was correct, sort of. There's a yellow point behind the dealers car and everything went fine until I got killed at the warehouse and have to restart again. But restarting the mission, there was no point what so ever. I'm still figuring out the cause of this...
Im having exactly the same problem with Escuela of the streets, and I've tried all the proposed solutions (short of re installation) - inching up, that stupid yellow arrow, restarting the entire game (which took me eight hours to get back to the mission, and it still failed), all kinds of car lengths behind. Nothing has helped and I'm FRUSTRATED! ANYBODY, ANYBODY AT ALL, who could help me with this, PLEASE! I HAVE to get past this stupid mission!

PS: About that "faded yellow arrow" everyone keeps talking about:
In that street alone theres about seven of them. WHICH 1 IS IT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE STOPPING AT/ON/IN FRONT OF/BEHIND/NEXT TO??? I've tried them all with (obviously) no joy. Come on people, isn't there a patch for this or something?
I dont know if anyone have found the solution to this problem yet !
But here it is anyway :

There are 2 yellow arrows in the mission !
The first is behind the dealers car,this starts the pursue.
The second u will find when the dealers car stop outside a warehouse ( This one is the problem !!)

The solution is simple !!!

Before u hit the first yellow arrow u MUST change the ASPECT RATIO to 5:4
Do it when manny says "we need a car" it is more safe
u will find this in the menu under graphic ! It MUST be change before u hit the FIRST YELLOW ARROW

hit ESC - GRAPHIC - ASPECT RATIO to 5:4 ( and look at that !!there it is when manny says "pull over" )
u can change aspect ratio back to what u hade WHEN u see the arrow..not before!

NB: does not help all. but this worked 8 out off 10 computers

hope it helps someone!!
have fun !
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