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chok3 cha1n
As being one of the most likable characters in the GTA series, when this new DLC is implemented will Niko still be playable? I really hope so. My guess is that since they went through the legal shit with the guy who does Niko's voice acting, they just completely decided to replace the character. Either he wouldn't do the voice or they didn't want him cause he sued for more money. Whatever the cause I hope Niko isn't completely replaced and I hope you will still be able to play as him at the end of the new content.
I would assume you can switch back to the regular game whenever you want but definitely once you finish the new missions you can return to Niko.
maybe during the missions one of them dies, and u would have no option but play as the biker or as niko...
The Awesome One
niko sounds different in lost and dammed...
QUOTE(therealcbc @ Mar 2 2009, 09:18 AM) [snapback]1488078[/snapback]
niko sounds different in lost and dammed...

Actually, there's not very much NEW dialogue from Niko that wasn't already in GTAIV. Rockstar has rights to that material and probably can include it in TLAD without paying the voice actor a penny.

It's not Rockstar's fault, they didn't screw him, it was his union who set up the contract.
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