So... dont mock me, but I just now noticed that all the streets in the game have a scheme to the way they are named.

Has anyone noticed this?

Roads going north-south are named after native american tribes. Iroqouis, Mohawk, Montauk...
East-west roads are named after historical figures from the "Old West" Cassidy St, Sundance St, Earp St
Some roads are named after vegetables n shit. Onion, Asparagus, Chive
Other roads are named after musicians. Ringo St, Starr St, (Herbie) Hancock St

North-south, named after prisons. Folsom Way, Attica Ave, Guantanamo Ave, Rykers St...
East-west, named after breakdancing moves. Windmill, Drop...

North-south, roads are named after cities in the US. Denver, Frankfort, Columbus, Galveston
East-west, roads are named after precious metals and minerals. Nickel, Pyrite, Obsidian, Wardite, Calcium... A through X

North-south, roads are named after various tools and US nuclear tests.
East-west roads are named after various cult leaders, maybe insinuating that people from Alderney are crazy.