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Hi,i just installed gta 4 and i have installed everything for this game to work.i have sp3 and everything.BUT after logging in to rosc and xlive i get this message after clicking 'play':the application failed to launch because windows parental control is blocking it xp doesnt have parental control,why is this happening i tried everything but still i get this message
First of all, how old are you? I'm guessing that you've been a bad boy and that mommy and daddy put you on GTA IV restriction for a week or two, so now you want to find a workaround?

Tell me I'm wrong.

Also, how old are you? Was it your Live account you're using or someone elses?
im live acc is ok with other games.i saw other ppl in forums said their experiencing the same thing and their all using windows xp sp 3.
Hey man I was just kidding with you anyways about that.

There are a few things that come to mind that include parental control, like ATI, Firefox, IE, etc.

There are even some antivirus software that include parental control.

Is your copy of windows registered? I'm wondering because I had a problem with getting the game to start myself after having to reset my cmos after a crash that looped my pc into reboot, and so i had to reset the time and date so that rgsc would recognize the date and open the game exe.

So you may want to check all of your user account settings.

Also, try resetting your cmos and see if that works. Just make sure to restore the correct time and date on the taskbar or else rgsc will think you are trying to play the game before it's been released and close GTA IV.exe.

The only other explanation I can offer is that you are not really 20 and your correct age is being identified by RGSC through your Windows Live account.
i have no problems loading the .exe file,i didn't experience any reboots only this message.Anyways even if i passed through the first wave there are plenty of problems with this game,if u know what i mean.So how is your copy of gta4 doing?Could u play right till the end or are u heading towards the game shop and asking for a refund?
It's working great atm, besides my having to drive around for 5 minutes on a new load game because for some reason it lags really bad at first, then it smooths out. It also makes my pc shut off sometimes but that's a "Games for Windows" issue since I only experience that with 2 games and they are both windows live supported.

I truly hate Games for Windows with a vengeance.
can anyone help me with binkw32.dll i get error

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