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Mad Space Ghost
0.00 Start Social Club and download GTA 4 PATCH!!!!

0. After TWEAK i have 12fps more, sometimes this tweak can make a higher resolution playable for example - 800x600 to 1024x768.

1.If you have geforce, install this drivers (new beta 3 drivers for gta 4):


WIN XP 32bit

WIN XP 64bit

VISTA 32bit

Vista 64bit

Install it

2.Then download this

and give this file into X:/.../Grand Theft Auto IV/
and make shortcut to deskop.

Click right button on shortcut and add the " -s *.* -v" thing to the back of target line of the shortcut properties.

Run it (if vista- run as administrator), wait ~15minutes or more (its close when done).

3. Run game by social club in offline mode and when you start game, press ctrl+alt+delete and set highest prority for GTAIV.exe and LaunchGTAIV.exe

4.In game options, off clip capture

5. If you dont want lots of shadows (only towns, cars and bigger things) set "Shadow Density" for 0. When you set "3", lamps, PED's give shadows. Its veeery slow game when you turn on reflectors in car smile.gif

6. If you want to have pretty game without set high setting, you can press "p" for blur :]

Tutorial by Valof...

My recommendations-

When setting the process priority set it on real time, then there is almost no lag. Its such a huge difference.

Turn shadow Density down to 0, it also makes a huge difference.
The process priority trick works! FPS aren't much higher but the game runs smoother and I turn up the graphics settings and still pretty much the same smoothness.
could work for others, made no difference to me whatsoever, and furthermore, why is there a 32 bit version when TA 4 is a 64 bit game?
Aww, c'mon guys! I was just joking around! biggrin2.gif This is still a great game (on the consoles) it just really sucks balls on pc right now.
Mad Space Ghost
QUOTE(Thrifty94 @ Dec 19 2008, 09:41 AM) [snapback]1475787[/snapback]
could work for others, made no difference to me whatsoever, and furthermore, why is there a 32 bit version when TA 4 is a 64 bit game?

Even the priority bit?
Funny how I give this a shot -like many other user-posted tweaks and solutions to choppy framerates- and it turns out to perform even worse.

Ah well, might work for somebody.
The biggest tweak I can offer is disabling v-sync. That alone will boost fps.
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