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GTA IV video driver crash + low performance in vista
hey guys

i don't know exactly what's the problem! but few days ago i installed GTA IV then in my FIRST benchmark in highest render setting and medium texture and my view distance was 55 and other setting on 100.

my average FPS were 26-28 in vista ultimate sp1 32 bit! my graphic card is 4870 512 MB.(ASUS)

then in device manager i uninstalled my VGA then installed again with new driver(8.12). in first run game was smoothly! my fps increased to 38! but

after restarting my computer,i lunched the game again to check benchmark again but again fps reduce to 26-28!

i overclocked my VGA to



but nothing happened!

i installed the game on XP sp3 and also installed latest driver(8.12) too!

checked the was completely smooth and fps was 38! i restarted the pc and checked again it was OK! 38-40 fps.

but i don't understand why it happens on my vista!

for example in game sometimes i receive driver crash error message or in game while i playin bowling it goes to blue screen(screen of death)

dump memory and after that restart!

i have all of this problem in vista! any idea?
I don't think the problem necessarily lies with Vista, but it's in the GPU.

I am using an ATI 4870 X2 2gb and an ASUS mobo and I too suffer the same issue.

I have found that forcing a profile through CCC works better than the universal settings. Make sure that AA and AF is set to "Let Application Decide", Mipmap level to "Quality", and Catalyst A.I. set to "Advanced".

Also, have you tried playing for about 3 to 5 minutes seeing if the framerates settle, because I seem to have to drive around some before my fps begin to level out.

I think it's a combination of GPU driver issues and how the game was coded to respond to the gpu. Also, what type of PSU are you using, because I'm using an 800w Power Up PSU and it cut off on me last night after playing for about 4 hours due to heat. That's why I'm convinced also there is a power management issue in the game as well. I play other intense games such as Oblivion and have no heat issues with it and I play at 8x AA and 16 AF with all settings on ultra high.

Out of curiousness, what is your CPU? AMD Phenom by any chance?
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