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and fast at hangman's noose so i can get fly the co-op (1 of 3 trophies i need to get the platinum trophy) so please if your good at these games add me or tell me in here and i'll add you.
The best addvice some one could give is keep trying. Eventually you'll hook up with people that know what there doing. It took me over 100 tries to get dealbreaker and about 40 for bomb da base. The Helicopter is the key for dealbreaker two people drive there two fly. land the heli on top of the refinery take out all enemeis on the top 3 or 4 levels then send one back up for the heli. One man goes to take out the boat behind the refinery. two hit the road and go after the bikers. the heli picks up the boat killer then the two on the road have to be quick about there work and get back to each other for the heli pick up. one more thing. Don't take alot of time landing at the safe zone just crash into the house for the fastest landing no one get out till the heli is stoped then run in. Best thing to do on BDB is use the glitch or drop off one player on top at the cabbin take out a couple guys then disarm the upper bomb. The lower bomb is the one you can glitch into you'll have to ask around about that one I'm not sure how it works. PS3 may be different hope this helps
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