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Following on from TIME's award for best video game of 2008, X-Play has announced the winners of its sixth annual Best of 2008 Awards, in which GTA IV won in the 'Best Writing' category.

For those of you who didn't fully agree with the rest of TIME's Top 10 list (i.e. everybody), you should find that these awards make a little more sense, with hits like LittleBigPlanet, Left 4 Dead, Fable II, Fallout 3 and MGS4 all making an appearance in at least one category. You can find the full list of winners in the source link below.

[Source: G4TV]
lol, fable 2 is the game of the year but, fallout 3 is the best RPG... am i missing something somewhere? laugh.gif...

but yea, for the most part, those awards are a lot more believable than TIME's...
This topic pleases me.
Those were certainly better than TIME's but still. I can't say IV had better writing than MGS4. But I can't complain too much for MGS4 won 4 awards. More than any other game. No way Fable 2 should have got GOTY. Also, how did God of War: Chains of Olympus not get best handheld game?
Gears 2 shulda got best shooter, an fable 2 doesn't deserve GOTY tbh, i've played better games this year. Mirrors Edge being one of them.
Mad Space Ghost
GTA IV's writing and main storyline sucked.


QUOTE(Daft Punk @ Dec 10 2008, 07:27 PM) [snapback]1474648[/snapback]
GTA IV's writing and main storyline sucked.


Sucked seems way to harsh. I though it was great. Just not as good as MGS4.
Wow, I'm glad Fable 2 got GOTY from someone. It really is a fantastic game if you really get into it. DLC on Friday.

Fuck yeah.
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