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Yah, god of war 3 logo rite tharr but no GoW3 foreground cut. I couldnt find a fucking pic of Kratos from GoW3.

Nice image. If you want good cuts and can't be bothered with cutting it yourself, this website is awesome. Use the searchbar, there are a number of Kratos renders:

EDIT: I need to change my sig straight away, this is disgusting
Lol, yah. Finding cuts wasn't a problem. I go to to find something good. Though planet renders seem a lot more useful. It was finding an image of Kratos from the GoW 3 teaser trailer.

I acually just took a print screen from that vid. Might make a sig out of it. Kratos isn't really cut-able in those shots though.


Yah, shit quality. I just ended of getting a shot of the close-up of Kratos. I hope they release some screens soon.

Might aswell comments on this simple one aswell. Pic taken from that vid. All I did was some levels and added the logo.

Mad Space Ghost
You sig d-o, is fucking epic. words cannot describe the epicness that is your current sig.
Which. The one in the original post or the second one?

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