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Hey Guys

I just brought GTA 4 today and installed fine. Got it working. But i started to play it and noticed the the graphics are not loading. Only some textures are loading. Eg Sometimes the front of the safehouse loads then just outside the area it goes to grey, white and invisible etc. Its like when you play GTA on the ps2 with a really scratched cd and everything takes time too load and it? its this a graphics card issue or ram?

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5Ghz
1GB Ram << Needs Upgrading. doing it next week
Nvidia 8600GT 512mb

I don't see why its doing this. I'm running of the lowest possible graphics setting and its still doing it? I tryed upgrading drivers still nothing?

I meen it should work kas the minimum settings were 1gb

Any help will do

I don't know the PC stuff as well as others, but I have been looking around allot last few days. The problems you are having I think are a mix of things...

So in my attempt to help you this is all I can say:
- Your 1 Gig of ram of course.
- Something about VRAM is being mentioned in other forums quite allot (Video/graphics card or w/e), supposedly causing many anomalies.
- This game seems to be plagued with angering everyone right now, shadows, controls, ect...
- Rumor among the few that have the game so far is that the min and recommended specs are seemingly wrong. Psy probably would know.

Don't take this to seriously, like I said I am not good with knowing this stuff, just what I have seen mentioned in other forums. Someone will prolly come an give you a better answer eventually.
QUOTE(1UP @ Dec 3 2008, 11:27 AM) [snapback]1473738[/snapback]
- Rumor among the few that have the game so far is that the min and recommended specs are seemingly wrong. Psy probably would know.

I have heard this same argument from several people and from several websites. There specs don't seem to be to accurate.
1. What is your operating System? XP or Vista and which Service Pack?
2. What VGA-drivers are you using now?
Just saw over at PCGamesHardware, R* has gotten in touch with them and has posted these generic fixes for the known issues:

Issue 1 - Fatal Error MMA10 on saving the game.

Possible Solution 1 - Sign out of the Rockstar Social Club, on starting the game skip the login . This allows the game to start. If you are connected to the internet, you will be prompted to login to Game For Windows Live (GFWL). If you login to this the game will save without issues.

However if you are not connected to the internet, GFWL has an offline mode. If you try to save at your safe house, it will advise you to login. From here choose YES and the game will appear to freeze for a second, hold down the Alt and press Tab to go back to your desktop. You will see the option to sign into GFWL Offline mode, do this and then ALT + Tab back into the game. This should allow you to save, although it may take you to the beginning of the game.

Possible Solution 2 - Install .net Framework 3.5, also unconfirmed but .net Framework 1.1 may need to be installed first.

Issue 2 - Graphical distortion using an NVIDIA 7900 video card

Solution - Install and use the latest beta driver for the 7 series video cards.
Rockstar explicitly points out that the use of Beta drivers is done at one's own risk

Windows XP (32 bit) - 180.70
Windows XP (64 bit) - 180.60
Windows Vista (32 bit) -180.60
Windows Vista (64 bit) - 180.60

Issue 3 - General crashes/freezes

Solution - Install all the latest updates for Windows. Including service packs (SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista). Close background applications.
QUOTE(CygnusX @ Dec 4 2008, 07:56 AM) [snapback]1473793[/snapback]
1. What is your operating System? XP or Vista and which Service Pack?
2. What VGA-drivers are you using now?

XP Service 3

6.14.0011.7824 is my driver version
I am having the exact same problem... polygons are failing to load, and i have the same GFX card as you, an 8600GT 512, Asus, because the nvidia original is only 256, well anyway, i have 2 GB of ram and an intel core2 duo e6750 2.66x2
So it could be the vram, i'm going to buy a new gfx card soon anyway, but i'm just wondering if you have bought the game or you have a pirate? because the patch could be the problem if you have not got the game legally.

A quick fix is to go into the pause menu, go to graphics and change the screen resolution to another setting and then set it back to your original setting, this should reload all the surrounding polygons, I have found that the problem for me isnt so big beause i just do that, and i lose polygons every 10 minutes or so, but anyway, this should work as a temporary fix.
Where to start?

Got the game installed finally, but Windows Live sign in is fubar, won't let me sign in with an account that is years old.

In the Graphics menu, it says I'm already over the limit at 800 x 600@56, I have a Intel D945GTP P4 dualcore @ 3.4Ghz / 3gigs of Ram / EVGA G-Force 8600 GT Superclocked(256mb) which is a better card than the 512mb version(I know because I have both).

Ingame sounds sound like crap, I have Creative X-Fi extreme?

That's the most pressing issues at the moment, any and all help is much appreciated..

Sorry to say but I'm very disappointed with this game at this time!
1. 1gb is probly ur problem.
2. is ur copy legit?
3. Maybe ur running 2many programs, b4 loadin up the game, hit crtl+alt+delete, then click on a program and click end process, but dont go ending random processes, u can endup screwin up ur computer.
hope this helps thumbup.gif
I've got an ATI radeon 4870 X2 with a Phenom X4 2.6 cpu and this thing still runs like s***. I've reinstalled the game + drivers at least 100 f***ing times to no avail and quite frankly this is the worse gaming experience I've ever encountered since trying to get San Andreas to run smooth on my old FX 5500 with Celeron D processor. Even that ran better than this catastrophic failure.

Do yourself a favor and get a sexbox 360 or a gaystation 3 and buy this game to play for that. It will cost you less money and headache. It's not worth it for the PC, and I personally am so sick from this I really don't care if I play this s***ty game ever again.

I just thought I'd share my 2 cent philosophy in there.

Oh, and I'm currently reinstalling for the 101th time because that gay ass f***ing securom bulls*** said my copy date was invalid after having to clear my cmos from a previous s*** slinging session with IV that caused my computer to restart and infinite loop restart with my video blank.

If it doesn't work this time, which I'm pretty sure it won't because it didn't the other 100 times, I am going to take this game and shove it so far up Sam and Dan Houser's asses, they'll be s***ting, well, pretty much the same fecal matter they s*** now because that's exactly what it is. No difference in substance.

With all that said, why keep touching the stove and burning your hand when you know it's hot? Your just going to keep burning your hand. Nothing will change. At least that's my experience.

To the ones that DO actually have this game running smooth, your just lucky, believe me. You can't honestly say that people with hardware like mine just don't have the right setup because that is bulls***.
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