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Once again, apologies for the lack of updates recently. Our newsposters are busy with other commitments for the time being. If you'd like to help out, email us - details can be found on our Contact page - or PM me on the forums.

And now, the news.

GTA IV PC DRM FAQ (would you like anymore acronyms?):

Rockstar has released a guide explaining the copy protection (re: digital rights management) that will be used in the PC version of GTA IV. Here are the details, condensed for your easy reading:

- Hard copies (disc): Activation via Internet, each copy can only be activated once at a time, but there are no limits to how many times it can be installed.
- Legally downloaded copies: Five parallel installations.
- A fallback system for players with no internet access will be available, and will involve using an internet-enabled PC to activate the game.
- SecuROM takes care of the activation procedures (let's hope they've fixed it so that it no longer corrupts Windows, eh?).
- Rockstar says that pirated copies will not be fully playable.

[Source: The Complete FAQ at]

Polish Version Extras:

Polish website has revealed that the Polish version of GTA IV PC will include a few extras that the rest of us won't be able to get our hands on. These include:

- A Polish copy of "Voice of Liberty City," a guide to the various hotspots in LC.
- A detailed plan of the Liberty City streets.
- A player guide describing the new feature in the PC version of the game that weren't available in the console versions (i.e. video uploads).
- A unique code to access hidden features in the Games for Windows - Live service.

[Source: Original (Polish), Google Translation (English)]

Video Editor Tutorial:

GameTrailers has released a video showing the video editor in action. Click the links below to view it.

Exclusive Video Editor Tutorial - High Definition
Exclusive Video Editor Tutotial - Standard Definition

Only three days to go!
Polski Eh...? why!
I think I will cancel my pre-order because of this securom crap  angry.gif  ... And order the game onto steam.
Wow ,we are not even told if they fixed securom from fucking up our PC's? O well, I'll hear about it before I have a comp that can run GTA IV.
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