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So i'm sure most have probably heard about Kanye's new album, being released tomorrow. Here's the track list:

01 Welcome to Heartbreak
02 Heartless
03 Love Lockdown
04 Robocop
05 Anyway
06 Streetlights
07 Say You Will
08 Real Bad News
09 Amazing [ft. Young Jeezy]
10 Tell Everybody That You Know [ft. Lil Wayne]
11 Coldest Winter
12 Pinocchio Story (Freestyle from singapore)

You can find most the songs on youtube (make sure you listen to the retail versions, as the leaked songs are different and not as good), but I've recommended my favourites in bold.

Overall I thought the album was brilliant, it brings something completely different to hiphop(if that's what you wanna call it). Kanye doesn't follow the traditional rapping style and instead sings through most of the album, all of the beats are unique and sound like nothing you've heard. The beat to welcome to heartbreak is one of the best i've heard.

This album grew on me and your either gonna love it, or hate it. You don't have to be a hiphop/rnb fanatic to enjoy this.
i like Love Lockdown, but i can't say I've really listened to any of the other ones
but overall, I think Kanye is only ok; most likely wont go out and buy his CD
I think Kanye stepped a bit too far over the line on this one... I totally understand about doing something different, and the music industry definitely needs a refreshing alternative to what we do get, but going from a cd like Graduation to a cd like 808's is too big a leap imo. What everyone always loved about Kanye is that his music is uplifting and entertaining, but now with the style of music on 808's, its more of a melancholy feel to the album. Not that what he did put together isn't good, though. Coldest Winter is a very well-written and performed song, and Love Lockdown (when it first came out anyways) is catchy as all hell. It just seems like he's letting his personal life affect his music a bit TOO much.

Basically, he comes off to me as trying too hard to be innovative and unique, but I can see him losing a good number of his fans for changing his style so drastically.
^ agreed.

I liked Late Registration, but his last two albums have sucked balls.

Edit: Actually, I liked Graduation, The Glory and Flashing Lights were mad tracks.
Los Santos
I like Heartless. Tell Everybody that you know is cool too.
Mad Space Ghost
Have the album, at first i thought it was weird and then hated it. But as i listened to it more it grew on me and realized the beats and lyrics were brilliant. The beats inspired me to work on some of my own and the singing is superb. My personal favorites are "Love Lockdown" and "Paranoid."
I hated it at first. Then I started liking it after I listened to the lyrics more, was good during some.....different moods which have now finally surpassed. I still listen to the tracks abit, but it's not the same when you don't like......when it doesn't fit your mood.

My favourite tracks:

Say you will
Bad News - Fav track in Album
See you in my nightmares
I like Say You Will, Heartless, Bad News.
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