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Screw Loose
How do you guys expect one black man to run the White House when 10 black men can't even fuckin run a White Castle properly
Dr. Evil
Obama will be the death of this country.
QUOTE(Dr. Evil @ Nov 21 2008, 07:33 PM) [snapback]1472302[/snapback]
Obama will be the death of this country.

Oh, please. You guys survived FDR, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. I think you can handle this guy...
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
The Hell...why is this topic allowed?
Severus Snape
QUOTE(Amarillo Suave @ Nov 21 2008, 11:00 AM) [snapback]1472328[/snapback]
The Hell...why is this topic allowed?

Come on, you knew it wouldn't be too long before the racist fucks out here made a topic like this.
i actually agree with Mello on this.. if your not going to post something constructive, don't post. You need supporting evidence, not mindless claims.
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