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first off im not gay, in fact im Jamaican one of the most homophobic countries in the world, im not saying we dont not have gays but trust me if you announce that ur gay u'll probably get killed. the thing i don't understand is why, i am instinctively homophobic because of the way i was brought up, and even as a write this, if a gay guy came up to me in a personal way i would probably reach for my knife. ive lived in America for a couple of years now and ive grown up a lot and i constantly asked the question why. i still don't understand racism, but the more i look at it i guess its like the way i feel about gays. my question is did i get brainwashed did we get brainwashed for absolutely no reason. i love children and when i look into there innocent eyes i cant help but think who they are going to grow up to be, what will be imprinted in to there head by there parents what kind of hatred will be instill into there brains. i dont consider myself to be hateful but i am, why
Because of external influence that you unfortunately picked up during childhood. It is quite disturbing how much of your mind isn't your own. Probably others as well... possibly something epigenetic but I don't know much about that.

Some say personalities are hard to change because of permanent 'connections' in the brain made during childhood. Children truly are sponges. Breaking those connections takes some dramatic experience or some epiphany. Such things aren't always changed by simple awareness or questioning. Your brain has to find a reason to break those connections chemically, so to have a conflict of conscious versus behavior is showing your brain isn't quite ready to tolerate gays yet--in your case.

I hate losing, and hate always makes me lose. I know this but when I hate something I can hardly control myself or adjust my mood. Overcoming hate is not done by simple awareness. That is why it is easier to see the world so racist and bigoted when you aren't directly involved in the forces that make people feel bigoted even when they don't want to feel so.

I have no professional knowledge on this subject, I used my intuition. I hope it helps.
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