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So I made some images for my mate:

The first two are just posters that will make people aware of the night.
The final poster is what they'll be plastering all over the Uni.

Had to go through alot of changing to get what they wanted, I did it for free obviously. I still don't get the monkeys and stuff, nevermind though. The first image is a Banksy painting, brilliant artist.
Mad Space Ghost
The first 2 are good if they are just gonna be posters or w/e you'd distrbute but maybe add more info?

The last one is just too simplistic imo if its going to plastered up somewhere for shit like that you'd want it to look nice but simple maybe vector art or something? with the chimps? Iunno the last one just reminds me of something you would use for a desktop wallpaper.

Anyway, return the feed mayne.
That night was awesome:

Turnout was sick for the first night. I ended up adding more text to the final poster an that was stuck on like every wall.
Mad Space Ghost
Man that must of been fucking awesome knowing you had your posters stuck everywhere... oh and you know being at the party that would of been cool too, looked like fun.
Nice. Looks like your poster was a success biggrin.gif Grats.
Erm.... kidda ripped from a famous English graffitti artist called Banksy though. So not too many kudos for this idea, sorry.

EDIT: Didnt realise you already stated it was a ripped Banksy image. Never mind.
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